We would just like to say hello and welcome to our new Dundee Bairns Website! We are aiming to provide updates on the progress of our summer Fun and Food Programme. As well as highlighting some of the amazing community projects that we support.

We are currently in the midst of our Fun and Food project for the 2017 summer holidays. Although things can get pretty hectic on our end, due to  organising deliveries to 50 different community projects! It is fantastic to see these projects in action and we are happy to play a part in making the summer holidays a fun time for the kids!

Now it isn’t just our hard work that we would like to commemorate. Our project wouldn’t be possible without the continued hard work of Tay Cuisine, as they provide the meals we deliver! Sometimes 1,500 lunches for one day! Also our cereal drive, which saw big contributions from the Food Bank and supermarket chains.

This year in particular we were overwhelmed with the response to our plea for drivers and volunteers. As a new charity ( this is only our second year!) it was heart warming to see the response from the community in Dundee. As always our biggest issue is finding drivers but certainly not this summer! As we plan to hold our Fun and Food Programme again in October we will be reaching out for volunteers again. So keep posted!

As this is an introduction we wanted to #TBT to our Fun and Food Programme in the 2017 Easter Holidays! We were able to deliver 7,200 meals to 33 community projects in Dundee. Boosting the wellbeing and happiness of many children over this time. This is our main goal at the end of the day and we will continue to provide this service for as long as it is need!

Fun and Food easter eggs.jpg.jpg

(Pictured David Dorward Director and Gillian Kelly Intern)

With other projects currently in development we hope that Dundee Bairns will continue to grow! If you have any suggestions/ more information or just want to get involved! Don’t hesitate to get in contact and follow us on social media too!


Lauren Mckie

Seasonal Intern


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